Sacred Sound Journey

Devoted to raising the vibration
through sound using various
vibrational instruments,
frequencies and modalities

Ride the Vibration
A special poem written
for Sacred Sound Jouney

by Tina Ann of Personal Verses

Siri Arjan Lin

I align my wants with my beliefs, let go and trust that the universe will create the opening to fulfill my dreams.  It is through my patience and non-attachment to my wants, beliefs and intentions that creates clarity of my communication from the earth to the universe. When I trust in the process, the gateway opens in the present moment and I decisively know how to take the action needed to carry the intention through to its unlimited possibilities.~Siri Arjan

Gong Avatar Siri Arjan
is committed to
highly vibrational instruments played with intention

Chiron and Mars Gongs

Tibetan Singing Bowls
excellent instruments
for Chakra alignment
and balancing

Gemstone Crystal Bowls